Faculty & Staff

Our faculty is hand picked because of their expertise and years of experience in the EMS and medical field.  We have over 15 faculty and staff members who are licensed Paramedics, Nurses and Physicians.  Our Administrative staff consists of knowledgeable personnel who manage the EMS, American Heart Association and PHTLS courses on a daily basis.

Paramedic / EMT Instructors

  • Stephen Tomko
  • James Hill

Medical Director

  • Dr. Joe Beirne

Clinical Coordinator


  • Geri DePauli
  • Toni Milan
  • Donna Weiss

Adjunct Instructors

  • Rich Dandridge
  • Paul Hale
  • Greg Maddock
  • Jason Marren
  • James Rujawitz
  • Nick DeMere
  • Elliot Thomas

CPR Instructors

  • Austin Hale
  • Donna Weiss, FF/EMT-P
    President/Program Director EMT Education
    Email:     donna@respondright.com

    Donna began her career as an EMT in 1998. In 1989 Donna began working as an Adjunct Instructor for St. Louis Community College and Christian Hospital Northeast until 2000. Donna worked as a ALS EMT at Christian Hospital Northeast and eventually a Paramedic. Donna served the North County Communities until she was hired as a Firefighter/Paramedic in 2000 by the Monarch Fire Protection District. Donna served in this capacity, even serving as an in house Instructor until she was disabled in the Line of Duty in 2008

    Donna still felt she had many more years of service left to offer the FIRE/EMS Community, In 2001, she and Toni Milan began Respond Right LLC, specializing in providing on site corporate training in CPR/AED. In December 2008, the focus of Respond Right shifted to EMS Education. Respond Right EMS Academy became the first private entity the State of Missouri accredited have their own stand alone EMS Academy. Donna continues to work tirelessly to keep Respond Right EMS Academy on the cutting edge of the EMS Education industry
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    • AAS - Paramedic Technology St .Louis Community College
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • AHA Training Center Coordinator
    • Paramedic
    • Firefighter 1 & 2
    • ACLS Provider
    • PHTLS Provider
    • Primary Instructor
    • Fire Instructor 1
    • NAEMT Program DIrector
    • Hazardous Materials Awareness
    • BLS Instructor
    Services Provided:
    • Director of Operations
  • Toni Milan, EMT-P
    Program Director Paramedic Education

    Toni is part owner of Respond Right and has been involved in the EMS field since 1996. Toni began her career working as an EMT-Basic at Christian Hospital EMS and was soon promoted to Paramedic on an ALS ambulance. In 2003, Toni began working for Lincoln County Ambulance as a Paramedic. In 2004 and 2005 Toni received the ‘Paramedic of The Year Award’ from the Lincoln County Ambulance District.

    In 2001, Toni and Donna Weiss began Respond Right when they saw the need for quality trained lay rescuers and healthcare providers. Today, Toni is actively involved with the daily operations of Respond Right.
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    • BSIT Northeastern University
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • American Heart Association BLS instructor
    • American Safety & Health Institute Instructor (ASHI)
    • Missouri EMS Instructor
    • ACLS Provider
    • BTLS Provider
  • Stephen Tomko, EMT-P
    Paramedic Primary Instructor
    Email:     stephen.respondright@gmail.com

    • St. Louis Community College/Missouri University of Science & Technology, Saint Louis, MO Engineering Sciences – Associates Mechanical Engineering with Pre-Med Minor – Bachelor’s (In progress)
    • Saint Louis County Fire Academy, Wellston, MO Firefighter I & II, Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations, November 2013
    • St. Anthony’s Medical Center, Saint Louis, MO Paramedic, July 2012
    • Saint Louis Community College, Saint Louis, MO EMT Internship, July 2011 •
    • Saint Louis Community College, Saint Louis, MO EMT-B, May 2011 • Completed at Rock Township Ambulance District
    Affiliations and Certifications:
    • Flight Paramedic Certification
    • Critical Care Paramedic Certification
    • National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Instructor PHTLS
    • American Heart Association Instructor ACLS
    • Missouri Paramedic
    • Illinois Paramedic
    • National Registry License
    • Missouri Mules Association of Active & Retired Firefighters
    • Member and Active Participant in IAFF Local 73
    • Fire Smoke Coalition
    Services Provided:
    • EMT Primary Instructor
    • Tutor
    • Paramedic Primary Instructor
  • Karl Parks, EMT-P
    EMT Primary Instructor
    Email:     karl.rremsa@gmail.com

  • Elizabeth Szpatoski, EMT-P
    EMT Adjunct Instructor

  • James Hill, FF/EMT-P
    EMT Primary Instructor

    Services Provided:
    • EMT Primary Instructor
    • Paramedic Adjunct Instructor
    • Tutor
  • Nick Demere, FF/EMT-P
    Adjunct Instructor

  • Aaron Cline, FF/EMT-P
    Adjunct Instructor

  • Jason Marren, FF/EMT-P
    Adjunct Instructor

  • Elliot Thomas, FF/EMT-P
    Adjunct Instructor

  • Rich Dandridge, EMT-P
    Adjunct Instructor

  • Jim Rujawitz, FF/EMT-P
    Adjunct Instructor

  • Paul Hale, FF/EMT-P
    Adjunct Instructor