Anatomy & Physiology

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This newly revised paramedic specific book has been developed to meet the needs of a paramedic program and the interests of trained EMS workers, covering appropriate A&P as well as specific clinical applications. It will enable readers to develop their problem solving skills, build a foundation of basic concepts and essential knowledge, and master terminology and principles important to an understanding of the human body.

Our A&P course is now offered as a co-requisite with the Paramedic Program!  When you register for the Paramedic Program, you are also getting this class!

Registration in this course is strictly reserved for students who are dual enrolled in the Paramedic Program at Respond Right EMS Academy.


Total Cost……..………………………………Included with Paramedic Program

Includes Course Fees, Registration and Tuition


Program Prerequisites:

  • A valid Missouri EMT-Basic license or you have completed the Respond Right EMS Academy EMT program and have applied for your EMT license.
  • Must be dually enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology and the Paramedic Program.

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