Anatomy & Physiology

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Anatomy and Physiology must be completed before registering / applying for the Paramedic Program

Registration in this course is strictly reserved for students who are dual enrolled in the Paramedic Program at Respond Right EMS Academy.


Registration Fee: ……………………. $ 45 (non-refundable and non-transferable)


Tuition is due no later than 10 business days before the 1st day of class

  • $760 would be eligible for a refund between the 10 business days and 1st day of class
  • $0 would be eligible for a refund after the 1st day of class

Program Prerequisites:

  • Must be dually enrolled in Anatomy & Physiology and the Paramedic Program.

Course Information

  • In-Class
    • Meets one day per week
    • Completes in 9 weeks
    • This newly revised paramedic specific book has been developed to meet the needs of a paramedic program and the interests of trained EMS workers, covering appropriate A&P as well as specific clinical applications. It will enable students to develop their problem solving skills, build a foundation of basic concepts and essential knowledge, and master terminology and principles important to an understanding of the human body.
    • This course will not meet the requirements for nursing or other allied health programs.

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