Paying for EMT Basic Program

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EMT Program Tuition

  • Tuition – $1,850.00  

Pre-requisites and additional EMT Program fees/costs: Please note that instructions will be provided during the application process on how to complete many of the items below.

  • AHA BLS – special pricing is extended to our students. Instructions will be provided during the application process.
  • Course fees – $225 – Lab & Tech fees, Professional Liability Insurance, Clinical, Cadaver Lab, Uniform Polo Shirt, Parking Pass, and Entrance Exam.
  • Health insurance – students must provide a copy of their current year’s health insurance card.  
  • Drug Screen – $37 
  • Physical exam and immunizations – unknown cost depending on the student.
  • Background Check – $58
  • Patient Assessment Kit – $50 – Order online here
  • Textbook/Testing/ Clinical/Lab Software –  approximately $200 for all items. 
  • Laptop – students must have a laptop with a full operating system and access to the internet.  The laptop or tablet must also have the most current version of Windows or iOS. 
  • Wifi – Students must have wifi access at home to use the testing software.  

Are you looking for a loan or additional scholarships/funding opportunities?  Check out our  Scholarships and Funding page with additional resources.

*Note – All classes are subject to minimum enrollment requirements.