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EMT Course – 16 Week Training

The EMT Course utilizes a combination of classroom, practical, and hands-on learning.  Students must complete supervised clinical training.  These clinical hours will be completed in both the Emergency Department and/or the Ambulance.  Courses may require Saturday sessions.   Students who successfully complete all  requirements of the EMT course will be eligible for the Missouri Practical and  NREMT Written exam.  



May 5, 2021 

9am – 1pm

Tues / Thurs

Orientation:  9am – 5pm

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July 7, 2021 

6pm – 10pm

Tues / Thurs

Orientation:  9am – 5pm


Registration Process   * Please read**

  • Pre-Course Requirements
    • You must read the pre-course requirements below to make sure you can meet them all.
  • Register and pay for your course.
    • Your seat in the class is not reserved until you have registered and paid the $150 registration fee (non-refundable, non-transferable.)
  • Application – Step 1
    • You will be emailed the application.  You have 5 business days to complete this step.  Failure to complete the application in 5 business days will result in the loss of your placement in the EMT program.
  • Application Items – Step 2
    • You will be emailed directions on how to complete all your pre-course requirements.  Failure to complete this step in 10 business days will result in the loss of your placement in the EMT program.
  • $1,850- Tuition Due
    •  Tuition must be paid  no later than 10 business days before the start of class.

Due to COVID 19, the start dates may be adjusted.  Once you have registered, we will keep in contact with you to let you know the start date and orientation date.  Please register below and let us know what questions you might have.

Pre-Course Requirements

This is a time-sensitive process.  You must monitor your email for important communications from us (

After registering and reserving your seat in the class, students will be contacted and given specific directions on how to complete the items below.  These items must be completed before the first day of class.

**Directions will be emailed to you on how to complete each step.  You MUST follow the directions we provide you.**

  • Complete a Drug Screening
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check
    • To be accepted into the EMT program, prospective candidates must not have any current pending felony charges or felony convictions.  No exceptions.
  • Complete a recommendation form.  
  • Copy of Driver’s License, you must be 18 years of age.  If under 18 at the time of enrolling, please speak with the Program Director.
  • Copy High School Diploma, GED, or College Transcripts
  • Copy of current health insurance card.
  • Documentation of a physical exam performed by an MD, DO or NP within the last 12 months.  Must use the form we provide when completing your exam. 
  • Documentation of Immunization and Vaccination Records
  • AHA BLS CPR Course: For your convenience, we offer this class at a discount to our EMT students.  Additional instructions will be provided.

Failure to complete any time-sensitive step will result in your loss of placement in the EMT program.  

Must have a laptop or tablet for class and access to high-speed internet for course work and communication.

*Note – These items are not included in tuition: Textbook and software, NREMT Written Test, Missouri State Practical, and Licensure fees are NOT included.