AHA Training Center Instructor Updates




Effective Immediately:
  • BLS exams version A and B MUST be destroyed

Due to security compromises of the BLS Provider exams available for printing and proctoring in classes, the AHA has been forced to create new exams for the BLS Provider course. The new exams and answer keys are now labeled as versions C and D.

  • BLS exams version A and B MUST be destroyed
  • A NEW BLS exam must be used immediately. Versions C and D must be used.
  • If you are a BLS Instructor and want a copy of these exams you must email: info@respondright to request a copy
  • You must have an ‘Exam Security’ form on file for us to send the exams to you. If you have not signed this before, a copy is attached to this email. You can complete this form and return it via email with your request.
  • Exams will only be emailed to the instructor’s personal email address.
  • Please refer to the PAM and RR TC Policy Manual for all other policies regarding exams.
  • All BLS courses submitted after the date stamp of this email that have the old exam will not be processed and will be deemed INVALID.
  • This is only in regard to the BLS exams.
If you have questions please let me know.
6/30/2023:  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – All Payments for Rosters To Be Made Through Website at Same Time Rosters Uploaded to Enrollware

All payments for rosters/cards will be made through our website using the link below at the same time you upload your roster to Enrollware.  All instructors will be required to finalize rosters in Enrollware as normal (no changes to this procedure). Instead of waiting for Respond Right to issue an invoice, you MUST immediately go to the website listed below to pay for your cards. We are updating this procedure to decrease the amount of time it may take for cards to be paid and/or issued. We are hopeful this new procedure will be helpful and will reduce the time and administrative tasks required for everyone involved.

As soon as the payment has been made, the person making the payment, and the instructor (if different), will receive a copy of the invoice.

To recap the steps to submit AHA rosters and payment:

      1. Finalize your roster in Enrollware (no changes to this procedure)
      2. Go to our website to pay for your cards at: https://www.respondright.com/product/aha-certification-cards/
      3. As soon as we see you finalized roster and payment, your cards will be issued.

PLEASE SAVE THIS SITE:  ALL PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE HERE:  https://www.respondright.com/product/aha-certification-cards/