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Adult & Infant CPR Manikins with Feedback & AED Trainer Kit



This CPR training starter kit contains one Prestan Adult manikin with feedback in a nylon carry case, one Prestan Infant manikin with feedback in a nylon carry case, 10 adult manikin lung bags, 10 infant manikin lung bags and one WNL AED Practi-Trainer Essentials in a nylon case. The manikins in this kit include the rate monitor feature.

  • One Prestan Adult Manikin with Feedback in nylon case & 10 lung bags
  • One Prestan Infant Manikin with Feedback in nylon case & 10 lung bags
  • One WNL AED Practi-Trainer Essentials in nylon case (see accessory list below)
  • One FREE ManiVest
  • One FREE ManiBibs
  • One FREE MCRMAT for kneeling support

More information about the Prestan manikins (quantity of one adult and one infant included in this kit)

  • Fully compliant with the American Heart Association Guidelines
  • Realistic looking manikins with pinch-able noses and fully formed neck portion
  • Easy-to-insert lung bags speed setup of the manikin
  • Realistic skin resists dirt, grime and grease
  • Clicker mechanism increases student’s confidence in administering adequate compressions
  • Manikins are capable of being cleaned and decontaminated per CDC guidelines
  • Three-year factory warranty against defects in workmanship
  • Batteries NOT included with manikin’s feedback device. Requires 2 AA Batteries

More information about the WNL AED Practi-Trainer Essentials (quantity of one included in this kit)

This innovative trainer is affordable and compact enough for instructors to bring one for everyone in the class! It offers a universal training experience to prepare students to use a variety of different AEDs. It features two preprogrammed scenarios, clear voice prompts, built-in English and Spanish options, and a metronome. Compatible with any type of CPR manikin that is intended for AED training.

Provides realistic defibrillator training, but cannot deliver an actual defibrillation shock

  • Affordable enough for each student in a class to have their own trainer
  • Voice prompts guide students through simulated rescue situations
  • Metronome sets proper pace for effective chest compressions
  • Lightweight, compact unit is ideal for transporting to trainings at any location
  • Compatible with most CPR manikins that are intended for AED training

AED Kit includes: 1 AED trainer, 1 set of reusable adult training pads and connector, 1 set of reusable child training pads and connector, 3 AA batteries, Nylon carrying case, Instructor manual, 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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