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Rental – AED Trainer

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All rentals require at least two business days’ notice to reserve. You must be an AHA BLS/Heartsaver Instructor aligned with Respond Right Training Center to rent CPR/AED equipment.

Please email us at: info@respondright.com to make sure we have the equipment available on the days you need it.

The price is per unit and price per day.  If you would like to rent this unit for multiple days, please change the quantity to the number of days you will be renting for.

Example:  You need 1 AED unit for 3 days.  You will change the quantity to ‘3’.

If you need more than one AED, make sure to enter the correct number in the quantity to account for the days and manikins.  You will need to tell us how many you need in the notes of your order.



Rental – One AED Trainer

Comes with one set of adult pads, a carry case, and batteries.  Must be returned with the carry case, batteries, and adult pads.

***You must be an AHA BLS/Heartsaver Instructor aligned with Respond Right Training Center to rent CPR/AED equipment.***

Rental charges will begin the day the equipment is picked up from Respond Right EMS Academy.  Charges will continue until the equipment is checked back in by the staff at Respond Right.

It is the responsibility of the renter to clean each manikin in accordance with Respond Right ® TC’s Decontamination Policy and the manufacturer guidelines before return. These policies are provided at time of rental. Furthermore, all rental items must be in proper working condition upon return. At the sole discretion of RR-TC, any returned rental item (s) that are deemed as either requiring repair or full replacement, regardless of cause, will be charged to the renter’s credit card. By signing this agreement, the renter is assuming full responsibility for damaged or improperly functioning equipment and the associated costs.

Instructors certify that they have performed decontamination procedures according to Respond Right Training Center guidelines and manufacturer instructions on the CPR equipment and supplies.

Note: A $20 late fee will be assessed per day to each item rented beginning one hour past the requested documented return time

This unit is for training purposes only and cannot be used for patient defibrillation.

Cost is per unit, per day.