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Tutoring for EMT and MedicTutoring for EMT and Medic

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2 Hours for $100

EMT and Paramedic Tutoring Services

Private tutoring to help you prepare for that next exam or interview.




Private Tutoring for EMT and Paramedic Students

2-Hour Private Tutoring Sessions

Do you need help preparing for your NREMT Cognitive (written) or psychomotor exam?  Have you failed one or more attempts at your exam and you need help in a certain area to prepare for your next attempt?  We can HELP!

Private one-on-one tutoring Sessions are built to help you succeed. 2-hour minimum.

Cancellations – NO REFUNDS if you cancel within 24 hours.

Students must arrive on time. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will forfeit the session and must reschedule.

Please provide one or two dates for your first tutoring session. We will confirm the date once your payment has been received.  If you would like to schedule additional tutoring hours, we will arrange those with you after this session is complete.


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