AHA BLS Instructor

The BLS Instructor Course is a program designed to prepare the American Heart Association (AHA) instructors to disseminate the science, skills, and philosophy of resuscitation programs to participants enrolled in AHA courses. Upon successful completion of this course, Instructors will be able to teach all AHA Basic Life Support courses including BLS CPR, Heartsaver CPR/AED, Family & Friends CPR, CPR in Schools, First Aid, & Pediatric First Aid.


The class will start at 9:00 am. Doors will be locked at 9:05 am.  Please plan on arriving 5-10 minutes early.

Please see our policy on cancellations below.

How to Become An AHA BLS Instructor

As a AHA BLS Instructor you will be certified to teach all of the following courses:

  • BLS for Providers
    • Instructor -Led Training
    • HeartCode BLS
  • Heartsaver Courses including First Aid and CPR
    • Instructor-Led Training
    • Blended Learning

The AHA has defined these 5 core competencies for all instructor candidates:

  1. Skills: Instructors need to demonstrate mastery in all skills for the courses they teach. This includes both the cognitive skills as well as the psychomotor skills.
  2. Course delivery: Instructors need to teach AHA materials correctly and as outlined in the appropriate Instructor Manual and Lesson Plans.
  3. Testing: Instructors must be able to test students effectively.
  4. Professionalism: Instructors need to maintain a high standard of ethics and professionalism when teaching AHA courses.
  5. Program Administration: Instructors need to be able to manage time, space, materials, and paperwork in compliance with AHA guidelines.


Steps to Becoming an AHA BLS Instructor:

Step 1 – Complete your Prerequisites for the BLS Instructor Course at least 5 business days before class

You will need to complete the items below, gather your completed documents, scan them and upload them to the Instructor portal here:  Instructor Portal

  • Copy of your Current AHA BLS Provider CPR card  (If you don’t have this, take your course here)
  • Copy of The AHA Instructor Essentials Course for BLS course completion certificate
    • Purchase and complete the BLS Instructor Essentials course here:  AHA BLS Instructor Essentials 2020
    • You will need to download the  Instructor Essentials Instructor Candidate Workbook .  This workbook will help you as you are completing the BLS Instructor Essentials course.  You will also be required to bring this workbook with you on the day of the instructor course.  Save it to your computer, or print it.
    • If you have questions about this Essentials course, please contact the AHA directly.  Respond Right EMS Academy does not run or operate this course.
  • Copy of the Completed Instructor Candidate Application
    • Download and complete this form as directed below in the instructions: Instructor Candidate Application
    • Section 1.
      • Application for Instructor Status – This section will be completed by you, the Instructor Candidate.
        • Discipline:  Please make sure to check the box marked “BLS” when completing this section.
        • Renewal Date of provider card:  Enter the expiration date of your AHA BLS provider card
        • Candidate Name and address:  Provide your personal information, not your company information
    • Section 2.
      • Instructor Commitment  -This will be completed by you, the Instructor Candidate.  You must agree to all 5 boxes, sign, and date.
    • Section 3.
      • Verification of Instructor Potential  – This section must be completed by a Training Center Faculty (TCF) Member or Training Center Coordinator (TCC).
        • To be approved to take the AHA Instructor Course, you must meet one of the criteria listed on the form.
        • The Training Center Faculty that completed the form must sign the form and date it.
        • You may provide this form at the Training Center where you took your last AHA BLS course.  If the instructor feels that you meet the above criteria, they will recommend you to their TCF or TCC for approval.
        • If you are not able to get this section of the form completed and want to attend an Instructor Screening, please pay for your screening here:  Instructor Screening
          • Email info@respondright.com with several dates you are available to attend the screening.  An Instructor Screening will give you the opportunity to schedule a session with our Training Center Faculty to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.  There is a fee associated with this and you should be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge.  There will be no teaching during this screening.
  • Instructor Candidates must be at least 18 years of age

These prerequisites MUST be completed at least 5 business days before the start of class and uploaded to this portal:  AHA BLS Instructor Portal

Step 2 – Purchase your Instructor Manuals for Class

As a BLS Instructor, you will be required to purchase, and bring with you to the Instructor class, the following Manuals.  Be advised – these manuals are not used to teach the classes.  These manuals include the lesson plans, equipment lists, etc to assist you in teaching the courses.  You will need to purchases additional equipment and videos to teach each course:

Step 3 – Attend the 8-hour BLS Instructor course at Respond Right EMS Academy

During the instructor course we will cover topics such as the AHA Program Administration (PAM), registering on, and using, the AHA Instructor Network, planning and teaching an effective course, acquiring and using equipment and supplies for your course, classroom setup, course administration, and completing paperwork for your course and completion cards for your students.  You will want to bring a laptop or tablet with you to class.  Make sure you have your Candidate Workbook saved to your laptop/tablet and that you have access to your instructor manuals on the day of class.  We have free wi-fi that you will be able to access during the instructor course.  If you purchased the eBook versions of your instructor manuals, you will be able to use our wi-fi to access the internet.  If you purchased the paper versions of the manuals, you must bring those with you.  Failure to have your instructor manuals during class will result in removal from class.

Step 4 – Be monitored teaching a BLS provider course within 6 months of attending the instructor course

Instructor candidates must be monitored within 6 months of the instructor course to complete their instructor course.  Candidates that fail to complete this requirement will not successfully complete their instructor course.  Included in the cost of the instructor course, instructor candidates have the ability to attend one of Respond Right EMS Academy’s courses to be monitored.  Instructor candidates will be provided with a schedule of classes to choose from.

Instructor candidates that fail to complete this requirement would need to take the instructor course again and complete all requirements.

Course Fee $275 (books not included)

What the course fee includes:

  1. Includes your 8-hour instructor course
  2. Includes the  AHA Instructor Candidate Workbook
  3. Includes the opportunity to complete your monitored class within 6 months of completing your instructor course

*What the course fee does NOT include:

Instructors are required to align with a Training Center.  Respond Right EMS Academy is currently accepting instructors to the Training Center that successfully complete the requirements.  Instructors can choose to align with any Training Center that will accept them.  Additional fees will apply for Training Center fees.

Instructors will need to purchase material to teach each class such as course videos, manikins, supplies, etc.  These supplies are not included in the cost of the instructor course.

All course times meet from 9 am – 5 pm


2021 Schedule

Nov 8

2022 Schedule

Mar 21      Aug 22      Nov 7



Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Respond Right EMS Academy will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for physically challenged attendees who require special services. A written description of needs must be submitted when registering for the course.

Cancellation/Transfer Policy

More than 3 business days before your course: If you cancel more than 3 business days before your course you will be refunded the amount you paid minus the 5% refund fee.

More than 3 business days before your course, if you need to reschedule: Students requesting transfer into another class will be charged a $25 fee.

0 – 3 business day of your course: If you cancel for any reason within 3 business days of your course you will forfeit the course cost and be required to re-register.
Within 3 business days of the class: No rescheduling

Respond Right EMS Academy reserves the right to cancel any course if enrollment does not meet minimum registration requirements.

The American Heart Association strongly promotes knowledge and proficiency in all AHA courses and has developed instructional materials for this purpose. Use of these materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the AHA. Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the AHA.

If these dates do not meet your needs, or you need to arrange a special class date please contact us. We are able to schedule a personalized class for a group of 6 or more of your group.