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Hybrid EMT Course

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Once tuition is paid and the student has completed all application requirements, the student will receive a written “Letter of Acceptance” into the Hybrid EMT Course. As previously stated, at this time, the student receives written notification of their official start date and the course completion deadline date.  If the student has additional questions, it is strongly recommended that they wait to register and complete the application process until they are ready to proceed.  The start and end dates are firm, with no extensions. Additionally, regarding the Hybrid EMT Course, no refunds will be issued in part or whole once the course begins, and there will be no exceptions to this policy.


  1. Register on the website.
  2. Complete the Application and submit the required items.
  3. Receive a letter of acceptance.
  4. Pay full tuition.
  5. Order books.
  6. Begin the course.




The Respond Right EMS Academy (RREMSA) Hybrid EMT Course does not restrict students to a specific start date. The Hybrid EMT course is designed to allow students the flexibility to begin the course when it is most convenient for them. This is a self-paced, open-enrollment format that can be started at any time throughout the year. The Hybrid EMT Course includes the exact requirements as all other Respond Right EMS Academy EMT programs, except for the attendance requirements. While the students will not attend weekly class sessions, they must attend the required skills sessions. Students will complete the course at their desired pace but within the required timeframe. Students must complete all course requirements within six (6) months. Once the application has been accepted and the tuition paid in full, the student will receive written notification of acceptance into the EMT Hybrid Program. The written notification of acceptance will give the student a specific start date and course completion deadline.

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