Becoming an EMT…series 3 – EMT Exams

Becoming an EMT…series 3 – EMT Exams

March 21, 2023 By: Donna Weiss

Becoming an EMT…series 3

EMT Exams

Over the last several weeks we have been covering in detail the steps to becoming an EMT or Paramedic. Today, we’ll discuss ‘EMT EXAMS’.

Once a student completes the initial education program with us, they will be eligible to attempt the state psychomotor (skills) exam and the National Registry cognitive (knowledge) exam. Students must keep their AHA CPR-BLS for “Healthcare Provider” current and are encouraged to take both of these exams within a few weeks of completing their education.

The cognitive exam is taken on a computer and is primarily multiple-choice. The exam is computerized adaptive (CAT), which means the number and difficulty of test items will vary for each student. Generally, exams contain between 70-120 questions. The passing standard is the same for all candidates and the ‘passing’ decision is based on whether the candidate has reached entry-level competency or not.
Topics covered during the exam include Airway, Respiration & Ventilation, Cardiology & Resuscitation, Trauma, Medical; Obstetrics & Gynecology, and EMS operations.

The psychomotor exam is an in-person skills exam that tests students on patient assessment – medical, patient assessment – trauma, BVM ventilation of an apneic adult patient, bleeding control shock management, cardiac arrest management / AED, joint/long bone immobilization, and oxygen administration.

When you have successfully completed both portions of these exams, you will have NREMT Certification as an EMT and will need to apply to the State of Missouri for your license. Your Missouri license will allow you the right to practice as an EMS professional.
Hopefully, you found this information helpful. Next week we’ll look at the Paramedic Program and what the requirements of the course are. Don’t miss it!

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