Becoming an EMT…series 2 – EMT Training Course

Becoming an EMT…series 2 – EMT Training Course

March 21, 2023 By: Donna Weiss

Becoming an EMT…series 2

EMT Training Course

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been covering in detail the steps to becoming an EMT or Paramedic. Today, we’ll discuss ‘EMT TRAINING COURSE’ and we’ll break down exactly what someone needs to register for the EMT training course. This is probably the second most popular question we get. Later in this series, we’ll dive deep into what is covered in the EMT course to give you a better idea of the material that is covered.

Registering for the EMT Training course is very easy. All of the registration is completed online at for the convenience of the student. Students no longer need to fill out paper applications or take time to drive their packets up to the office. We value your time and understand technology!

The prerequisites for the class are minimal. Students must be 18, able to pass a physical exam, drug screening, and background check, and provide a list of immunizations/vaccines (including COVID). Don’t worry, we email all this to you so you don’t forget.

Students will also need to have a laptop with the most current OS of Microsoft or Apple (sorry Chromebook will not work).

After students register for the EMT Training course, we will email you information on how to fill out your registration packet online. This registration packet will include important information like CPR training dates, uniform requirements, and textbooks. Don’t worry, we make sure to cover all the details!

If you are ready to take on the challenge of becoming an EMT, we can help you. It is a rewarding career that will help you give back to the community. Learn more about course formats and fees by visiting us here:

Learn more and sign up online here – EMT Training Course

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