Things to Consider When Choosing a Paramedic Program

Things to Consider When Choosing a Paramedic Program

November 8, 2014 By: respondright

Donna Weiss, AAS,FF / EMT-P, Respond Right EMS Academy

There are several things to consider when investing in your EMT and Paramedic education program. Ā Here are some of the most common questions to ask and things to think about when visiting a school:

  1. Student to Instructor ratio. Respond Right EMS Academy enjoysĀ a 7:1 student to instructor ratio or less for all EMS and AHAĀ classes.
  2. Equipment – is it adequate and up to date? Is it cared for andĀ always functioning properly? RESPOND RIGHT EMS ACADEMYĀ maintains all of it’s equipment and attempts to provide the mostĀ up to date models, styles and versions available. When a pieceĀ of equipment is broke our not functioning, it is taken out ofĀ service and immediately replaced. Replacements e always onĀ hand.
  3. Facilities – are they clean, neat and meet the needs of theĀ program? Are they large enough? Take a look at our picturesĀ recently posted. We are very humbly proud of our Academy andĀ keep our facilities as pictured.Ā 
  4. Books/resources – are they in the current publishing year? DoĀ they have compatible on line resources for both students andĀ Instructors? RESPOND RIGHT EMS ACADEMY uses the mostĀ current edition available with fantastic on line companionĀ resources.
  5. Schedule – Are you disciplined enough to do independentĀ learning or do you perform better with more instruction.Ā RESPOND RIGHT EMS ACADEMY has spent years finding theĀ winning combination between independent study and structuredĀ class learning.
  6. Price – Is the price reflective of the services offered? Are youĀ attending a public or private Academy? RESPOND RIGHT EMS ACADEMYĀ is always evaluating industry standards and offerings.Ā 

RESPOND RIGHT EMS ACADEMY is NOT the most expensiveĀ program in the St. Louis and St. Charles area. While we neverĀ want to be known as the cheapest school in town, we remainĀ competitive, within a couple hundred of dollars of most otherĀ Nationally Accredited Paramedic Programs.

Education is no different than any other service related industry. Do your due diligence! Interview all the schools you are interested in and ask the tough questions. Evaluate your findings and remember the saying, “you get what you pay for.” Paramedic school is a career investment, spend your hard earned income wisely!

For information about the EMS programs offered at RESPOND RIGHT EMS ACADEMY call 314-713-1645.